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Top 10 Best Things to Do in San Diego

What are the things to do in San Diego?

Native, new, or visiting, San Diego offers endless scenery and things to do - as your search results may have indicated. A fun way to soak up some San Diego sunshine while fueled by contagious San Diego energy is to attend sporting events in San Diego.

From unforgettable tailgate weather to brand-new stadiums (Snapdragon and Petco Park), there is plenty of action in San Diego. Despite the absence of an NFL team, the San Diego Legion Rugby Team can offer just the thrill, if not more, of a professional football game. Rugby is a physical sport that is played with tremendous strategy and teamwork, leaving us all on the edge of our seats. The San Diego Legion plays at Snapdragon Stadium, centrally located in Mission Valley. Surrounded by mouth-watering restaurants and convenient trolley stations that connect to popular San Diego destinations, you can create your own play, including a rugby game.

What is San Diego best known for?

Sunny San Diego is well-known for its nearly perfect weather, pristine beaches, breathtaking mountain views, and contagious San Diego vibes. With clear skies, little humidity, and refreshing ocean breezes, San Diego is a top tourist spot year-round. For residents and tourists, there’s no shortage of things to do in San Diego. Some fan-favorite things to do are outdoor activities, whether it be lounging at the beach, soaking in the sunshine at sporting events, or picnicking in the midst of breathtaking parks. While there’s plenty to do in San Diego, getting around is rather convenient with lots of freeways. Plan ahead to maximize your time and utilize the San Diego Trolley to avoid infamous San Diego traffic. The San Diego Trolley can drop riders off at the doorstep of Snapdragon Stadium, Petco Park, Downtown, Fashion Valley Mall, Old Town, and more.

Is San Diego, California, worth visiting?

There’s really something for everyone in San Diego, California. From thrill seekers to beach lovers to foodies, San Diego has it all. With ideal weather nearly year-round, it’s a top tourist destination. Explore the gorgeous city filled with history, culture, and plenty of things to do while soaking in the San Diego vibes. If it ends up being your favorite place to visit, you won’t have to explain why.

Top 10 Things to Do in San Diego

While preferences can vary, here’s a list of our top 10 things to do in San Diego for residents and visitors during the week or weekend.

  1. Go to the beach: San Diego is home to many beaches, each with its own vibe. If you’re a beach lover, visit as many as you can and share your interpretation of the experience with your loved ones.

  2. Stroll beach towns: San Diego has Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, Imperial Beach. . . the list goes on and on. From shopping to Farmers markets, walk the streets of various beach cities and soak in the different atmospheres. Don’t forget about the famous Belmont Park and boardwalk too.

  3. Eat: San Diego has no shortage of good eats, from unsuspecting food trucks to fine dining.

  4. Explore the nightlife: San Diego has all kinds of nightlife to offer from nightclubs to ocean view bars with dancing.

  5. Visit historical landmarks: To name a few, The Star of India, Liberty Station, and Old Town. San Diego is rich with history that you can explore while walking or dining for those who might not love the museum feel.

  6. Discover the San Diego Zoo, Seaworld, Legoland, and more: San Diego is home to family-friendly theme parks and attractions.

  7. Attend a San Diego Legion rugby game at Snapdragon Stadium: Buy your tickets online and witness a thrilling rugby game under the San Diego sunshine.

  8. Escape reality at the Carlsbad Flower Fields: The Carlsbad Flower Fields offer breathtaking views and the perfect photo op.

  9. Taste San Diego craft beer: San Diego loves craft beer. Try a brewery hop or visit local breweries, and you’ll soon understand why.

  10. Adventure on glorious hikes: From beach view hikes at Torrey Pines to intense mountainous hikes such as Potato Chip Rock or Cowles Mountain, you can count on getting your steps in.

What are some things to do in San Diego when it rains?

While San Diego has seen more rain recently, it doesn’t typically rain for hours on end or days on end. While the rain may disrupt a few hours of your day, there are plenty of things to do even when it rains. Consider eating inside with breathtaking ocean views at Wonderland in Ocean Beach or Monarch in Del Mar. You can even live life on the edge a little and attend a sporting event. Petco Park has some seats that are covered, and the San Diego Legion plays rain or shine in most cases. If you prefer to stay inside, there is also no shortage of museums, shopping, theaters, and more.

What are 3 fun facts about San Diego?

#1. Anytime is a good time to visit San Diego, with temperatures averaging 70 year-round.

#2. The San Diego Navy is the top employer. Stop by the historical Midway ship or try to catch views of Navy ships coming in and out at Tom Ham's Lighthouse.

#3. San Diego is home to the first drive-in restaurant, opened by the same gentleman who opened Jack in the Box in 1951.

Visit San Diego!

While there’s quite possibly no way to summarize all the things in San Diego on one page, we promise you there are no wrong choices. Just get out and let the sunshine brighten your day. Whether you’re a rugby fan or new to the sport, we welcome you to experience the thrill firsthand of watching the San Diego Legion play LIVE at Snapdragon Stadium. Purchase your tickets today!