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David brings a rich history in rugby, with extensive experience as a player, coach, and executive. He is at the forefront of shaping the organization's strategic vision, managing all operational aspects, and instilling a culture of excellence and innovation. With a decade of sports executive experience in Australia, David has honed his skills in building relationships, making cultural change, and executing on strategy.
Over the past two years, he has been instrumental in transforming San Diego Legion, creating a high-performance environment for the team, and leading the vision to grow the game from the grassroots levels in the community. Driven by a mission to make San Diego the premier destination for rugby in North America, David leverages his management background and business acumen to grow the sport and elevate the brand of San Diego Legion.
Passionate about inspiring young men and women to achieve their goals on and off the field, David leads programs and delivers the strategy required to achieve high-performance outcomes.