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Top Sports Teams in San Diego, California

What sports teams are in San Diego, California?

In recent years, San Diego has had some curveballs in the sporting arena, but still has plenty to offer sports fans. Keep reading to learn more about sports teams in San Diego.

Sports Teams in San Diego

The San Diego community and visitors alike love sporting events. From faithful fans to tastefully designed stadiums to electrifying atmospheres, sporting events are yet another way to absorb the famous San Diego vibes. While we may not be home to an NFL team, we are home to plenty of other sports teams. Here are a few of the most popular.

1. San Diego Padres

MLB team, The San Diego Padres, offers fans and visitors the ultimate sporting experience. From elite players to Petco Park, the San Diego Padres are on the list of top things to do for residents and visitors. Petco Park is located in Downtown San Diego on an 18-acre plot of land with some historic buildings remaining in the ballpark. Petco Park features San Diego highlights, including history, craft beer, local eats, city skylines, and even sand to dip your toes in. “The Beach” seats mimic an MLB baseball game at the beach, a one-of-a-kind experience. Petco Park also features Park in the Park, which is exactly as it sounds. Families can enjoy some extra space and family-friendly activities at Park in the Park. Petco Park ties in the heart of San Diego, highlighting the relentless spirits and close-knit friendships and families of those cheering on their favorite teams.

2. San Diego Aztecs

While the San Diego State University Aztecs may not classify as professional, they are a pretty close second. Plus, there’s no comparison for the contagious energy students and fans bring to the games. The San Diego Aztecs have basketball, baseball, football, lacrosse, and other sports teams you can attend in San Diego. Many of the San Diego Aztec games take place at Snapdragon Stadium, which is shared with the San Diego Wave (women’s professional soccer) and San Diego Legion (professional rugby team).

3. San Diego Legion Rugby Team

The San Diego Legion rugby team plays at the brand-new Snapdragon Stadium in Mission Valley. Rugby is a competitive team sport that leaves fans on the edge of their seat. Highlighting skills such as strength, agility, teamwork, critical thinking, and speed, rugby is a skilled game that offers fans plenty of entertainment. Another highlight is the location of games at San Diego’s Snapdragon Stadium. The nearly brand-new stadium features craft beer, local eats, clear sight lines, ample parking and tailgate space, and a trolley stop in the parking lot. Choose a rugby game and enjoy the entertainment under the San Diego sunshine or stadium lights. The energy is contagious, and so is the spirit of the game.

What professional sports are popular in San Diego?

Most notably in San Diego, the Padres baseball team, Wave women’s professional soccer team, and SD Legion rugby team, are among the most popular sports teams. However, San Diego is home to other professional sports such as horse racing at the Del Mar Fairgrounds and golf across various courses with breathtaking views and San Diego sunshine.

Does San Diego have Rugby Sporting Events?

San Diego is home to the SD Legion, a major league rugby team. Games take place at the brand-new Snapdragon Stadium located in Mission Valley. With a trolley stop at the stadium, you can skip the traffic or enjoy the tailgate. You choose.

Does San Diego have an MLB team?

Home of the San Diego Padres, games are played in the world famous Petco Park nestled in Downtown San Diego. The Major League Baseball (MLB) operates in the United States and Canada with 29 U.S. teams and 1 Canada team.

What replaced San Diego Stadium?

Originally established in 1976, San Diego Stadium or Qualcomm Stadium hosted a variety of events from NFL football, Monster Jam, Supercross, Aztec Football, The Rose Bowl, and so much more. The San Diego Stadium remains a staple to the community that will never be forgotten, but has been replaced with Snapdragon Stadium. Located on the same plot of land, Snapdragon Stadium was built in 2022.

What team plays at Snapdragon Stadium?

SnapdragonStadium hosts San Diego State University Aztec games for various sporting events, The Wave women’s professional soccer, and the SD Legion rugby team. Other events such as Monster Jam, Foodie Land, concerts, and more are hosted at Snapdragon Stadium too. It’s a prime venue for events.

What Stadiums have Sporting Events in San Diego?

Some of the primary locations for sporting events in San Diego include the Snapdragon Stadium, Petco Park, and Viejas Arena at San Diego State University.

Hopefully, we’ve helped you narrow down sporting events and or locations that events take place at. As you continue making your plans, review tickets and game schedules for the San Diego Legion. Experience the thrill of rugby as you learn about the highly skilled game watching the San Diego Legion team play LIVE at Snapdragon Stadium.