San Diego Legion is excited to celebrate its fifth season of professional rugby in San Diego

San Diego Legion is excited to celebrate its fifth season of professional rugby in San Diego. We are committed to continuing to bring an entertaining style of rugby and a fun and exciting atmosphere to our games.

We are a San Diego team. We want to play all of our home games in San Diego in front of our fans.

Although Torero Stadium has been a fine home to the Legion, it is no longer available to us. That decision was out of our hands. That said, we are thrilled to be able to play at a high quality facility in San Diego for the 2022 season that welcomes us and allows for a controlled playing and viewing environment. 

We are very excited about our new partnership with San Diego State and the opportunities that await us in the future. Our fans motivate our team. We are incredibly grateful to have you with us and are doing everything we can to involve you in the 2022 season. 

With the realities of the pandemic in mind, we must continue to anticipate the impact that COVID-related restrictions could have on our home games. We want to inform Legion fans and the San Diego community more generally that we are managing the attendance capacity at SDSU Sports Deck to ensure the wellbeing of our players, staff and fans. 

This will mean we will need to prioritize attendance for our Season Ticket holders. This will regrettably result in limits on available single game tickets. To address this as best we can, we will shortly announce some new season ticket packages and some packages that will provide priority for multi-game attendance.

We want to assure our fans that San Diego is our long term home and our long term home field is an issue we are addressing. In the meantime, in 2022 we want to ensure the stands are full, our fans can support our team and everyone can enjoy a great San Diego Legion game day experience.


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