Psalm Wooching Returns to SD Legion for 2021 MLR Season

Psalm Wooching returns for 2021 MLR season

As we relive the memories of our short-lived, undefeated 2020 season, San Diego Legion continues to look ahead to 2021 and announce its new roster. This week, we’re thrilled to confirm - Psalm Wooching will be back next year.

Psalm Wooching, raised in Kailua-Kona, Hawai’i, joined the San Diego Legion for its 2019 & 2020 seasons. Prior to jump starting his rugby career, Psalm was a college football star at the University of Washington, playing as Outside Linebacker for the Huskies’ defense during his tenure. Luckily for SD Legion and Major Leaguer Rugby, in 2017 Psalm chose to pursue his passion and play rugby instead of participating in the NFL draft. In the two seasons with SD Legion, he showed his dominance on the field, becoming a massive threat both defensively and as a ball carrier. Thanks to his elite athleticism, Psalm also plays a key role in our lineout being a lifting and jumping option.

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Posted by Julia Buescher on