Major League Rugby Game Changers: Nate Augspurger

Major League Rugby is recognizing Game Changers in the League, players that are changing the sport of rugby for the better. These players are building rugby pathways and supporting future generations.

Our very own Nate Augspurger was nominated to represent San Diego Legion as an MLR Game Changer. Check out how Nate is helping to build #RoadToRugby pathways in North America...

Nate Augspurger - MLR Game Changer

Nate is dedicated to growing the sport of rugby and furthering its positive impact in North America. Through the Legion Community Foundation, Nate works to improve rugby programs by offering his mentorship and coaching time to youth players. He is committed to identifying and even creating his own initiatives that make rugby more approachable for American fans.

Nate recently launched Quick Tap Rugby Podcast with two former San Diego sports radio personalities. The goal is to provide rugby storytelling content and turn more people onto the sport.

Nate truly embodies the core values of rugby—camaraderie, respect, community involvement—which make him the perfect role model for the future generation of players.

Comments from Nate on why building rugby pathways in North America is so important to him: 
“I grew up watching my dad play club rugby. Since then, I feel like I had my own version of the American rugby dream happen. Fast forward to today, it excites me to have a hand in building a better rugby experience for future generations.

Growing up as an ‘undersized athlete,’ I felt like rugby is sport where this didn’t matter. If you can run, kick, tackle and throw, there is a spot on the team for you. While playing rugby in college, I realized my potential had no ceiling. For my entire career, I’ve been able to combine my love for the game with my ambition to surprise people with my abilities.

It is important to me that I share my rugby knowledge and skills with younger players. I’m working with local rugby academies to create online classes and workouts for their players to utilize. Additionally, I recently started a rugby podcast. With Quick Tap Rugby Podcast, my hope is to get more people seeing, hearing, and talking about this great sport in North America. By telling stories, introducing players, and talking about the rugby basics, I want to convert some new fans into the sport I love.”

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