World renowned rugby coach Eddie Jones will serve as coaching consultant for San Diego Legion

World renowned rugby coach Eddie Jones will be serving in a coaching consultant role with San Diego Legion

SAN DIEGO, CA (Sept. 9, 2020) – San Diego Legion is excited to welcome Eddie Jones, with his extensive rugby experience, to support the team where he will consult on operations at every level – both virtually and for limited time periods on the ground in San Diego.

Said Jones: “My primary commitment remains to my England duties and other international commitments, but I have a passion for growing the game of rugby. I was very impressed by the vision and ambition shown by San Diego and its ownership in delivering a professional rugby outfit with the clear aim of winning trophies. I am excited to support them in that endeavor."

San Diego Legion Chairman, Darren Gardner agreed with Jones’ sentiment and intention: “We want San Diego Legion to continue to build a world class rugby organization and need to have everyone performing at their best. Eddie Jones is the benchmark for professionalism and global achievement in rugby, and we are confident he is the best person to help us do that. We are also very committed to winning a championship for San Diego, and we believe Eddie can play a key role in helping us to achieve that goal."

Eddie Jones boasts more than 25 years of first class and national team rugby coaching experience. He has coached various national rugby teams with great success - including Australia and Japan. Jones is currently the England national team coach. He will work his contributions to San Diego Legion around his England coaching responsibilities. Jones’ experience is also expected to deliver an immediate benefit to the overall play of Major League Rugby and rugby generally throughout the United States.

“Eddie brings rugby credentials, knowledge and experience that currently doesn’t exist in the US,” said SD Legion CEO & President Ryan Patterson. “We are very focused on developing US rugby at all levels. We are sure rugby players and fans right across the US will be excited to welcome Eddie with open arms.”

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