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Siaosi Mahoni & Aaron Mitchell Re-Sign for the 2021 Season

Excitement for the 2021 Major League Rugby season continues to build, and the San Diego Legion roster is shaping out to be full of threats. This week, the two names released by SD Legion were Siaosi “CC” Mahoni and Aaron Mitchell. Both players have been with SD Legion since year one and played a huge role in the team’s success on the field, especially in looking at the impact of our scrum. 

CC Mahoni resigns with San Diego Legion

Siaosi Mahoni, also known as ‘CC,’ came to us from Northern California and is a four-time HS All-American. Coming in at 6’8”, Mahoni is easily recognized by his height but is feared throughout MLR for his intense ability to carry the ball. This USA Eagle No. 511 is a force to be reckoned with at the gain line and is a threat to any defense. However, the intimidation factor does not stop there. Thanks to his height and his swiftness in the air, CC also plays a significant role in our lineouts.

Aaron Mitchell

Joining SD Legion for his fourth season, Aaron Mitchell brings his strength back to the SD Legion pack. Aaron, known by SD Legion fans as ‘Big Red,’ was a Fresno State football standout, playing offensive lineman for the Bulldogs. His large stature paired with his intense  power make him an essential part of the SD Legion front row. Mitchell is hard to stop when he gets his gears going, and we are looking forward to seeing who he runs over in the 2021 season. 

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