2021 Player Signing: Dean Muir & Nate Augspurger

In preparation for the next season, San Diego Legion is excited to announce its 2021 roster. The first names to be unveiled this week are last year’s starting hooker, Dean Muir, and former captain, Nate Augspurger. With the goal of making 2021 equally as memorable as the 2020 season - strong, efficient and undefeated - Dean and Nate will play a valuable role on the SD Legion squad. 

Dean Muir returning 2021

Joining the SD Legion for a third season, Dean is bringing his scrummaging expertise back to the forward pack. He performed valiantly in the scrum, and in the 2020 season, Dean made a name for himself with his work at back of the SD Legion attacking mauls. This effort led to him scoring three tries in the first two games and placing him on the top 10 try scorers of the Major League Rugby 2020 season

Nate Augspurger resigned 2021

A leader on the field and in the rugby community at large, MLR Game Changer Nate Augspurger will continue his career wearing red and black come February 2021. Having played with the SD Legion since its inaugural year, Nate has played in almost every SD Legion match to date. With his cheeky box kick paired with a quick and efficient skill set, Nate will continue serving as a great asset for the SD Legion into 2021. 

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