Pete Malcolm

DOB: 04/03/1994
HEIGHT: 6'0"

Career Highlights

  • 11 Appearances for United States

Malcolm attended Stoneman Douglas Highschool in Parkland, Florida where he played both football and rugby. He was named to the USA High All American Team all four years of high school. After graduating, he attended Wheeling Jesuit University where he continued his rugby career and became a Collegiate All American and served as Captain in a match verse Oxford University. Malcolm, move to Austin Texas, where he played for the Austin Huns. During the 2017 National Championship, Peter scored a try to win again NYAC.

  • Malcolm, joined the Austin Elite in the inaugural season in 2018. He was the first player to be signed by an MLR Club. 
  • Malcolm was selected to represent the US in the Selects appearance in 2017.
  • Malcolm made his debut for the USA Eagles in February 2017, where he was also named Captain.
  • Malcolm consistent work rate and skill brings an energy punch to the forward. As a leader by example, we are so excited to have Malcolm back for the 2021 season.